The PashaBlog: Fun Things on Maps

For enjoyment and relaxation, I play Geo Guessr online, and in the course of figuring out where I am in the world, I will often run across some serendipitous scene that I want to capture.

So I do.

This blog showcases those fun things. Each entry will have a photo / screen grab of the thing, along with its location in the world – both textual, and as a Google Map link (which is the entire photo, in each case).

Enjoy along with me!

34. Nope. Not A School. (Albany, VT)
33. New Improved Highway Numbering. Now With Negative Numbers! (Connelly Springs, NC)
32. Hey! This is a Scrap Yard! NO BUGLING! (Blachownia, PL)
31. Disability Museum — without a ramp for the front steps. (Buffalo, NY)
IRONY ALERT: This museum appears to have closed permanently. I wonder why…?
30. I already knew that (Hockessin, DE)
29. Advice — perhaps Good (Bangui, PH)
28. StreetView Driver Joy (Isla San Andreas, CO)
27. Beware Cattle and…Reindeer? (Kiby, NO)
26. Why? Just…why? (near Guadalupe Cachi, MX)
25. Whatever you do — don’t go there! (Valpovo, HR)
24. The Town So Nice, They Named It Twice? (Maine, ME? Caribou, ME?)
23. Interesting juxtaposition (Robina, AU)
22. House overhanging an already narrow road (Dolna Melna, BG)
21. When Bing’s Streetside car meets Google’s…
…Street View car — awkward! (Minneapolis, MN)
20. Caution when levitating your car at 45° (Goiás, BR)
19. Plenty of room – why are these houses so close? (Vestland County, NO)
18. Perhaps not the message they intended? (Daleville, MS)
17. Two Marks of the Beast don’t seem “Correct” to me (Dabnika, BG)
16. Now my searching is complete (Vienna, AT)
15. Opera fans in Central Florida?
14. Is it Timey for a Moody Breaky? (Limerick, ME)
13. Church Sign Humor (Canton, NC)
12. Radome on the Range? (Haskell County, KS)
11. North and South are in the same direction? (Bennington, NY)
10. Not a Go’a’ould Death Glider (La Paz, BO)
09. Beware of Cow on String! (NW District, BW)
08. Based on the flags, what country is this? (Kyiv, UA)
07. Mower + oxcart = ? (Choam Ksant, KH)
06. Truth on a wall (Mombasa, KE)
05. Not a good name for a gas station (Durrës, AL)
04. Beautiful tiny chapel (~Engelberg, CH)
03. Street View camera on a camel (Kayyam, AE)
02. Jack Sparrow on a Hood (K-605, ~Talca, CL)
01. Fast Cattle (Darling, ZA)